The naser group family

Life at Naser Group

At Naser Group, we value family and treat all our employees with respect and care. Our employees are our company’s real assets; nothing would be possible without them. The company has stayed true to its beliefs and values since 1960 of being loyal, transparent, and trustworthy. We strive to build a dynamic work environment by encouraging creativity and the discovery of new skills.

Working with us comes with great learning opportunities and some amazing benefits such as:

Competitive salaries

Performance incentive

Retirement plans

Our Culture

At Naser Group, we are fueled by challenges, collaboration, and rewards. We promote a culture that thrives on supporting one another to build and grow fulfilling careers within the company. Our people are the fulcrums of our success stories of change. We treat all of our employees with respect and care because we are one family. Since our inception in 1960, the company has stayed true to its principles of:

Our culture

Our employees are a team of experienced professionals who enjoy coming up with innovative ideas. Collaboration and teamwork are highly valued skills at Naser Group as we care about employee well-being, productivity, and growth.

At Naser Group, we provide a workplace that supports new ideas and explores new opportunities for every employee, from an intern to senior director.

An inspiring career awaits you...

Our amazing team of thinkers, explorers, and creators thrive on everyday challenges and explore out-of-the-box ideas to propel manufacturing excellence. If this resonates with you, come join our family and make a mark.

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